Since 2007 we have been developing, implementing, integrating and maintaining IT systems of various functionality and level of complexity. We have been developing advanced solutions using the current trends in IT industry. All our products are custom-made and they are defined by:

  • reliability
  • usability
  • safety
  • scalability

From working on various projects that required unique and untypical solutions we gained significant experience which we turned into our asset. Our branches are: Katowice and Białystok. Do you have any questions? Write to us, phone or come round for coffee.

Our expert’s competence


Every single project is an occasion to improve our competence. We never suggest solutions that are not well-grounded or don’t correspond with our clients requirements in terms of technology, budget needs and business activity. Yet, in the same time, we don’t refrain from innovation and new technologies. In our work we use the following technologies:





Our highly skilled experts with their knowledge, extensive experience and devotion to work make us a reliable partner. This can be proved by the trust placed on us by our clients:

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