We have a unique knowledge and experience in developing solutions for affiliate systems irrespective of their scale.
Introducing an effective and competitive affiliate program requires not only major organizational skills, but flexible and sophisticated technical solutions as well.

Constant optimization of conversion actions connected with transactions is involved with extensive knowledge and being up-to-date in the field of marketing, UX (User Experience) as well as Front End technology.

For Affiliate Service Providers we create IT systems which offer functionality typical for this kind of solutions – beginning from the distribution of content, through counting conversion, ending with payments to/from Partners and Advertisers.

If you decide to create your own affiliate system, on the part of ESSYO you can expect:

  • Creating software that complies with modern IT trends.
  • Ensuring cost effective infrastructure.
  • Support with extensive expertise and knowledge.
  • Full system maintenance.
  • Full engagement in the program development.
  • Constant contact with the project team.
  • Professional business support.


Miesięcznie obsługujemy
90 000 000 żądań dostarczenia treści w ramach systemów afilacyjnych.

Your own affiliate system

The character of affiliate system necessitates a careful approach to optimization and management of problems connected with high availability and scalability. A challenge when designing the structure of the system, which has to maintain an optimal cost rate, is uneven activity in time.

We provide not only a professional expertise in creating affiliate systems, but we also take responsibility for providing and maintaining the systems.


Recently we have developed affiliate systems for the following:

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