Automated Pay Station is a modern, secure and economical solution that automizes both cash and non-cash payments (on the basis on debit/credit cards as well as other types of cards, for example gift cards).

The solution we offer is not only a device itself but the entire IT system that enables you to automize the process of managing the cashflow and card transactions. The attractive model of cooperation, which does not require any purchase expenses or implementation expenses, makes the automated pay station available for every enterprise or government institution.

Implementing the automated pay station as an additional channel for accepting payments or an additional solution replacing cashier service (which we have successfully realized in many projects) allows for:

  • lowering (or eliminating) personnel costs of cashier service,
  • automation of processes connected with cash processing (fully automated CashProcessing, integrated with security institutions is possible),
  • security of cash processing,
  • integration of cash and debit/credit card payments within a single device (limiting or entirely eliminating the need to manage additional payment terminals),
  • offering additional products while taking payments,
  • advertising panel (integrated monitor for displaying video content),
  • integration with loyalty and motivation programs,
  • enhancing the brand image so that your business is perceived as modern and up to date with the latest trends.

Skala i niezawodność

W ciągu ostatniego miesiąca z utrzymywanych przez nas serwisów skorzystało 450 000 unikalnych użytkowników.

Our offer

Together with our partner, responsible for delivery of the devices, we provide automated pay stations on the basis of a leasing agreement, which facilitates fast, cheap and efficient implementation without the necessity to purchase them. Choosing our solutions brings your business maximum financial and structural benefits from the very beginning.

On the basis of extensive expertise in developing software and the platform for the automated pay stations created by our in-house experts, we can integrate the automated pay station’s system with the one already existing in your enterprise or, following your suggestions, build any model of interaction with the final user.

Contact us! We are ready to answer all your questions and make an offer to introduce an automated pay station in the localization you name.


Automated pay stations provided by our company are used by:

  • – Polmot Auto (Warszawa, Kielce, Lublin)
  • – Toytota Okęcie Warszawa (Al. Krakowska)
  • – Toytota Rzgów (ul. Łódzkaa)
  • – ZDM miasta Warszawa (ul. Chmielna)
Opłatomat ZDM Warszawa
Opłatomat Toyota Warszawa

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