Maintaining IT systems continuously as well as managing servers’ network allow us to provide a comprehensive service without the necessity to engage Clients’ own resources (especially cost consuming IT department)..

Stability, security, availability and efficiency are four important standards that characterize the systems we are responsible for. Without these four features, even the implementation of the best software created for the need of any innovative project will not bring the expected benefits.

We do not limit ourselves to creating IT systems only, but we also offer their on-going supervision. We provide support and development.

We provide the following services:

  • Post-implementation support.
  • On-going development of software.
  • Managing Linux/Unix servers
  • Supervision of computing processes and computing environment.
  • Monitoring key system parameters.
  • IT advisory.
  • Continuous maintenance of IT systems.
  • Audits of selected IT areas.

Skala i niezawodność

W ciągu ostatniego miesiąca z utrzymywanych przez nas serwisów skorzystało 450 000 unikalnych użytkowników.

How to start the cooperation?

We start the cooperation from defining the needs and recognizing the technical solutions functioning in your company. At this stage we tend to conduct the security audit as well as verify the legality of the software is legal. On your request we can also optimize the operating costs in your company.

We negotiate Service Level Agreement according to your requirements. From this time on, in case any problems or questions occur, you can phone or contact us through the delivered bespoke IT system.


Most project we implement and manage function within the ESSYO infrastructure. Our clients are:

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