We have been providing loyalty and incentive programs since 2008. The technological platform we use, allows us to develop any type of program fostering communication with the consumer, loyalty programs, interactive competitions or communication sites. Our system is characterised by high quality of code and documentation, reliability and usability as well as innovation and scalability. We gained significant experience from working on various projects that required unique and untypical solutions. Thus we are able to bring our clients’ ideas to reality.

We provide a personal approach and ensure the expected results on every stage of the cooperation – beginning with the analysis of requirements right through the design of the project, its implementation and finishing on the maintenance and necessary modifications. In this way, we meet our clients’ expectations on every step of the way.

We build and implement loyalty systems whose level of complexity and functionality goes far beyond the definition of a loyalty system. Depending on our clients’ needs and the structure of their businesses, we offer:

  • Multibrand Loyalty Programs
  • Proprietary Loyalty Programs
  • B2B Programs,
  • Incentive Programs
  • Gamification Software

Our broad experience has given us expertise in adopting technical solutions so that our clients will be able to achieve their goal in the field of sales and communication.

Experience and Engagement

Over 7 million customers have been using the programs we provide for our clients.

Types of loyalty programs


We have experience in providing software for the leading loyalty systems operators in Poland. Some of our partners were:

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