We design and implement software that enables you to motivate not only your employees but also your partners. The need for building loyalty and incentive software has become essential, particularly nowadays, when the rotation of workers is a common phenomenon. Loyalty programs contribute to lowering the rotation and encourage their involvement in establishing company’s position.

Various forms of building motivation, beginning with awarding particular behaviour and finishing on gamefication, in a controlled way can substantially influence your business performance.

In our realisations, we employ:
Motivational platforms – for developing long-term loyalty and motivational activity.
Competition platforms – for developing short-term activities that stimulate motivation.

We also create motivational software which not only presents the whole structure of a company with the possibility to define goals and directives on the basis of the company’s hierarchy, but, what is more, allows for the instant evaluation of those goals in the system.

In the recent years, we have had the pleasure to build a number of loyalty software directed to:

  • External retail networks – financial institutions.
  • Call and contact centre workers – financial institutions and BPO.
  • Sales departments in FMCG sector.
  • Client’s advisor networks in chemical sector.
  • Entrepreneurs who wish to embrace the whole company’s structure.

The greatest challenge?

The greatest implementation was the realization of motivational an competition platform for 12,000 entities in the distribution network.

Implementation of the motivational system

With the expertise and experience we have, we can prepare a concept of motivational system or competition platform that will be tailored to your needs. We ensure a minimal engagement in the project on the side of your company and maximum on the side of our team. Moreover, we guarantee the technical maintenance of the system we create for you so there is no need for your IT department to worry about.
Do not hesitate to contact us!


These are some of the projects and implementations of loyalty and motivational systems as well as competition platforms we have undertaken for our clients:

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