If you are thinking of starting a new business or you want to develop the one you have already been conducting, you may find it necessary to found a shop online. The shop that will prove cost-effective and in the same time will not limit you in terms of Internet Technology.
Applying the solutions we tailor around your needs allows for developing the solutions that comply with your ideas and business requirements, not the other way round.

One of the main reasons for using bespoke solutions in eCommerce is their flexibility and short implementation time.

Due to instantly changing situation on the market and growing expectations on the part of clients the necessity of introducing changes is the only certain thing in the world of eCommerce.

Moreover, we ensure a comprehensive on-going maintenance of the system we develop for your company. Therefore, there is no need of keeping IT department that generates costs in order to compete successfully on the eCommerce market.

If you decide to implement bespoke solutions based on ESSYO E-COM platform, you can be certain that you gain:

  • Reliable and secure solution.
  • Short implementation time.
  • Scalability and development without limits.
  • Support in maintaining your business irrespective of its form.
  • Integration with any system.
  • Support from our expert analysts.
  • Maximum optimization of SEO.
  • Maintenance and on-going technical support.
  • Assistance of project managers that can explain you how it all works.

Doświadczenie i skalowalność

Jeden z największych sklepów, za rozwój i utrzymanie którego odpowiadamy, notuje miesięcznie nawet ponad
45 000 transakcji.

The costs of the web shop

Implementation of web shop system is a long-term investment. Cost effectiveness in relation to defined eCommerce platforms can be observed according to the speed of development of your business. If it is highly dynamic and the initial expectations cannot be satisfied by defined dedicated solutions, the choice of implementing a dedicated web shop system is justified not only for technical but also for economic reasons.

The cost of implementation of ESSYO E-COM solution comprises:

  • Preparing and implementing dedicated graphics (it is possible on the basis on a delivered project).
  • Adapting the platform to meet clients’ requirements (in its functionality as well as integration with any external systems).
  • Planning the scale of clients’ business – the essential IT infrastructure maintenance.


We take responsibility in developing and maintaining the web shop systems (and mobile sale channels, if required) for the following clients:

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